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Professional course

Biopsychosocial Perspectives on Health

30 credit, Masters level module

About this course

Course code:
Professional/Short Course
Health and Social Sciences
Course director:
Gary Christopher

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The Biopsychosocial Perspectives on Health Master's level module will allow you begin to conceptually integrate biological, psychological, and social perspectives and consider what may be the applications of this integration.

On successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • establish an understanding of the factors related to the genesis and maintenance of health, disease, and disorder.
  • demonstrate an appreciation of developmental concepts and theories in relation to lifespan changes in health and psychological wellbeing.
  • have a basic understanding of the psychological treatment principles and interventions applied to different groups defined by disease/disorder.
  • challenge existing theories and practices through the evaluation of current research.

Entry requirements

Undergraduate degree in psychology, or quantitative social/behavioural sciences

Careers / Further study

Contributes towards MSc Health Psychology.



This module will include:

  • Epidemiology I
  • Epidemiology II
  • Health promotion
  • Gender and ethnicity
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Biological basis of behaviour
  • Neuroplasticity, adaptation , and learning
  • Perspectives
  • Children's understanding of illness
  • Adolescence and teenager health
  • Older adults
  • Health issues and the family
  • Health resilience and quality of life
  • Considering the validity of alternative therapies
  • Long-term conditions (including diabetes)
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Pain I (theories)
  • Cancer (appearance issue)
  • Affective disorders
  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Management and treatment
  • Music therapy and palliative care
  • Pain II (management)
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Death and dying
  • Enhancing cognition and well-being


Learning and Teaching

You will be expected to attend weekly timetabled sessions which will act to guide your further reading and independent study.

It is expected that you will spend 300 hours, including contact time and preparation for exams and assignments working for this module. Typically, this might comprise a working day per week averaged across the working year.

Scheduled learning includes lectures and seminars.

Independent learning includes hours engaged with essential reading, examination preparation, and assignment preparation.

The module will be supported by a Blackboard module site where a range of course materials will be available. You will be expected to access reading materials through the Blackboard site, and engage with additional activities such as accessing video and weblinks. Discussion boards will be enabled for your use, facilitated by the module leader. Coursework submission and feedback will also utilise the online BB facility.

Study time

You will typically attend 24 x 2 hour sessions over the course of two academic semesters. These will comprise a mixed model of lecture and seminar formats.


Coursework. The assignment will be a narrated presentation (using PowerPoint or other similar packages) based on a journal article. There will be a range of papers from which you can choose.
Papers will be selected in advance to ensure that two or more of you do not choose the same paper. This will protect against the repetition of material. Coursework will be submitted online. In addition, you will be asked to submit also a 1500 word précis of your presentation.

Examination. This will consist of a 90 minute paper from which students will select two essay titles from a selection covering the range of topics taught on the module.

Prices and dates

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How to apply

How to apply

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