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The Sociology of the Metaverse module is predicated on a situated learning model, where the learning takes place in the contexts to which it refers. The tutorials and workshops will therefore all take place in the virtual world.

The tutorials will take place with the whole group attending one of the communal areas on the UWE islands in Second Life. Both voice and text communication will be enabled, so that you can participate synchronously in the tutorial. Break-out groups will enable closer discussion of the topics raised during the tutorial.

Workshops will take place across the UWE Second Life islands, and in some cases beyond, depending upon the nature of the activities being undertaken. Those activities will include; investigating alternative environments and organised visits to other islands and other virtual worlds.

Learning will be supported through the use of social media such as wikis and blogs.

Entry requirements

  • For programme entry: Bachelor's degree and/or equivalent APEL (including access through Shell Award Framework). Familiarity with virtual worlds.
  • For CPD entry: Familiarity with virtual worlds.



  • Narratives of the 'real' and 'virtual'
  • The distinctive features of the metaverse from a sociological perspective
  • The net, the metaverse and the self
  • Presentations of self in the metaverse: interactions between avatars; interactions between avatars and bots; interactions between self and avatar; avatars as relational artefacts
  • Communities and other forms of association in the metaverse with special reference to learning communities
  • Sociological research in the metaverse: practical and ethical issues
  • Social identities in the metaverse: gender, 'race', disability, sexual orientation
  • Processes of inclusion and exclusion in the metaverse
  • The political economy of the metaverse: the permeability of the 'real' and the 'virtual'

Learning and Teaching

You will be able to:

  • Demonstrate your understanding of a range of sociological approaches to the study of the metaverse
  • Demonstrate your systematic understanding of the origins and development of material, symbolic and experiential narratives of the metaverse
  • Demonstrate your critical awareness of current issues, controversies and trends in the sociology of the metaverse
  • Demonstrate your critical ability to reflect upon the strengths and weaknesses of sociological analysis of computer-mediated social interaction
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the ethical and methodological issues associated with the practice of sociological research in the metaverse
  • Demonstrate your systematic understanding of a range of research strategies and methods and the ability to assess the appropriateness of their use in understanding the sociology of the metaverse

Prices and dates

Supplementary fee information

£300.00 with assessment
£150.00 without assessment


How to apply

How to apply

You will apply online for your CPD modules, which you can take as stand-alone courses or as part of an undergraduate or postgraduate (Masters level) programme.

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