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MA/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate

Student working in the CG Studio

About this course

  • Entry year: 2015/16
  • Course code: W92012
  • Applications: University
  • Level: Postgraduate
  • Department: Film and Journalism
  • Campus: Bower Ashton
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Delivery: Full-time, starts January
  • Programme leader: Chris Webster


The MA Animation course is a Creative Skillset accredited course that combines the opportunity for the realisation of individual creative talent alongside the development of production skills relevant to gaining employment within the animation industry. Practitioners from Bristol's leading animation studios support both the development and delivery of this course offering professional advice and guidance through workshops and master classes and regularly view and critique students' work.

During the course you will gain relevant experience and develop the necessary craft skills through the production of a short animated film.

Read more about Cho-Han, one of our MA Animation graduates who put his skills to good use while working on a world record breaking Aardman and Nokia Gulp! project.

The course allows students to develop existing skills to a higher degree while gain new and complementary ones in line with their stated ambitions to work within a commercial environment.

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The course is made up of six modules delivered over three semesters:

Semester One

  • Developing Practice in Animation (45 credits) - You have the opportunity to develop of a range of practical craft skills and techniques relevant to the production of animation in a range of different disciplines through a series of short projects supported by practical workshops, life drawing, seminars and lectures. Collaborative projects that enable students to broaden their experience of production are an integral part of this module. The module culminates in you making a presentation 'pitch' of your proposed film ideas to an invited panel of staff and external representatives from the animation industry.
  • Professional Practice 1 (15 credits) - Professional Practice modules run throughout the course that are intended to contextualise the practical aspects of your studies within a broader animation environment that will better prepare you for employment within the industry and to develop your practice within a commercial context. You will undertake research into the roles and positions within the industry that may be of interest and available to you on completion of the course.

Semester Two

  • Production for Animation 1 (45 credits) - During this module you produce your film within the context of a production team. This involves the refinement and development of ideas generated during previous modules and the creation of the necessary production materials and footage. This will be undertaken within a discipline appropriate to your stated aims and future ambitions for employment within the industry.
  • Professional Practice 2 (15 credits) - All students are expected to undertake a period of work experience relevant to their particular practice and engage in appropriate live projects that will enhance their employability status. Self promotion, networking and research into the creative industries are central to this module.

Semester Three

  • Post Production for Animation 2 (45 credits) - During this module you are expected to edit and complete the project you have developed and made over the last two semesters. The compilation and/or creation of any other relevant work that will enhance and complement the project and comprise of a integrated body of work relevant to your future ambitions and promote you to a prospective employer will also form part of your submission.
  • Professional Practice 3 (15 credits) - An in-depth critical evaluation of your progress on the course and the work completed forms a central part of this module. You will make a presentation of your work to your peer group, tutors, and representatives from industry along with prospective employers. You will also create a show reel, portfolio and other self promotion material necessary to prepare your work for public screenings, networking events and job interviews.

The full masters course comprises of 180 credits divided into three 60 credits stages: Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, and Masters. Students work incrementally through the three stages and must pass all modules at each stage in order to progress to the next.

Learning and teaching

You are taught through a series of lectures, seminars, practical workshops, master classes and projects.

For more details see our glossary of teaching and learning terms.

This course will enable you to:

  • Develop existing and acquire new practical craft based skills, increase your range of technical and production skills and experience.
  • Work as part of a production team to develop and produce a short animated film.
  • Undertake relevant research into industry, the roles within production suited to your own creative and professional ambitions.
  • Take on a creative role within collaborative and live projects.
  • Improve your presentation, communication, production management and organisation skills.
  • Benefit from the opportunities generated by the University's links to the animation industry through work experience, networking events and screenings while gaining professional contacts.

Study time

The course has one intake point within the academic year and study begins in January. It is divided into three semesters each comprising of a 15-week period of study.


You will be assessed by a combination of practical and written work at the end of each module.

For more detail see our full glossary of assessment terms.


Special Features

Professional accreditation

This course is recognised by Creative Skillset, Sector Skills Council and carries the Creative Skillset Tick for the purposes of indicating courses best suited to prepare students for a Creative Industries career.

Study facilities

The course is based in animation studios at our Bower Ashton Campus. They are equipped with high-end Apple Macs and PCs with industry standard software and DVD authoring facilities as well as state-of-the-art 2D and 3D model animation equipment. You also have access to the Department's Media Centre, EPI Centre, 3D Centre, Print Centre and library.

Find out more about the facilities and resources UWE has to offer

Student Gallery

See our MA Animation Flickr gallery for some examples of our student's work.

Careers/further study


Full time course (September 2015 Start)

FeeAmount (£)
Home/EU-Full Time-15 Credit Module Fee442
Home/EU-Full Time-Award Fee5300
International-Full Time-Award Fee11250
International-Full Time 15 Credit Module Fee938
Offshore-Full Time 15 Credit Module Fee938
Offshore-Full Time-Award Fee11250

Full Time Course (January 2015 Start)

FeeAmount (£)
Home/EU-Full Time-Award Fee5150
Home/EU-Part Time-15 Credit Module Fee429
International-Full Time-Award Fee10750
International-Full Time 15 Credit Module Fee896

Supplementary fee information

For information about fees and funding for courses please see our fees and funding pages.

For funding options, please see our funding and scholarships information.


Entry requirements

We are looking for highly motivated creative students with some prior experience in animation or a related area. Usually applicants will have an honours degree in the Visual Arts but those with other academic qualifications or relevant professional experience are also encouraged to apply.

Candidates are usually invited to interview if this is practical. You will be expected to articulate a clear vision of the potential role of animation in the development of your own creative practice and will be expected to make a short presentation of previous work relevant to animation and your potential development in this field.

There is no official closing date for postgraduate courses and we accept applications throughout the year. If you are applying to organisations for funding they may have application deadlines by which time you will need to know if you have a place on a course. You should build this deadline into your application process and if you are working to a funding deadline then please let us know.

Overseas Applicants

A representative from the University makes regular visits to Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan and is able to view portfolios and interview students.

The University also has representatives in a number of other countries. Please contact Admissions and International Recruitment for further details +44 (0)117 32 84716.

If you are unable to meet up with a Bristol UWE visiting representative then please send us your application in the normal way. We will then contact you and advise you where and how to send us some samples of your creative work.

How to apply

There is no official closing date and we accept applications throughout the year.

Applications for this course can be made by using the 'Apply for this course link' within the 'next steps' box.

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