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Conflict Management - Masterclass for Senior Leaders and Managers

About this course

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Professional/Short Course
Bristol Business School
One day
Course director:
Felix Spender

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The aim of this course is to provide Senior Leaders and Managers with an overview of conflict management and increased skills in managing conflict within their organisations. It will be delivered by a very experienced Course Director drawing on a wide range of practical experience including armed conflict, negotiating with Somali pirates and helping resolve organisational conflict.

Conflict is present in every organisation and well managed constructive conflict brings benefits that include improved team work, better problem solving, innovation and increased motivation that contribute to higher productivity.  Conversely, poorly managed conflict  has a very dark side and creates workplace stress, erodes self-esteem, increases absence, sickness and staff turnover, and stifles creativity.  Poor conflict management also carries significant financial risks for the organisation and typically reduces productivity by 5%.

Conflict management is an essential skill for senior leaders and managers who want to maximise organisational effectiveness and productivity and minimise financial risk.

Who is it for?

The course is for Senior Leaders and Managers who want to maximise their organisation's performance and productivity.  It will also be of considerable use to those responsible for:

  • leadership development and mentoring
  • change and project management
  • conflict management within organisations

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course, however participants will be expected to hold or have held a senior management position to be able to fully participate.



What does it cover?

  • An insight into the impact of conflict on businesses and organisations .
  • An examination of the nature of conflict and the influence of human emotions, value systems, behavioural patterns, vulnerabilities and agendas.
  • An overview of conflict management with a comparison against the adversarial process and explanation of the conflict management spectrum.
  • Managing conflict between individuals.
  • Team conflict and leadership .
  • An examination as to how conflict management techniques can be successfully used during change and project management.
  • Conflict prevention by learning lessons through the analysis and exploitation of experience in order to promote a culture of continuous improvement and generate a competitive edge.

What do I get out of it?

You will receive:

  • an overview of the nature and impact of conflict on individuals and organisations
  • the case for active conflict management by leaders and managers
  • the application of conflict management in a number of different scenarios: between individuals; amongst a team; within projects
  • an introduction to conflict prevention and continuous improvement
  • an opportunity to assess the potential application of conflict management on your own organisations

Course Director

Felix Spender. A former senior Army officer who specialised in liaison and mentoring with the UN and multi-national forces. Felix is a specialist in conflict management based on a consensual rather than adversarial approach. During the last 5 years Felix has under taken roles as diverse as supporting family businesses in Somerset, advising the MOD and negotiating with Somali pirates.

Supported by:

Dr Chris Allender -  A former senior Army officer with a training and development background. Chris developed the Army's junior command and leadership training and is now a senior advisor for Army officer selection and senior staff leadership development at the NHS staff College. He is a specialist in Leadership Performance.

Monica Hanaway - A mediator, psychotherapist, business coach and management and leadership trainer with over 20 years experience. Monica is a senior lecturer on mediation at Regents University and has helped develop a new MA in Creative Leadership. Monica also regularly lectures on many aspects of psychotherapy, coaching and leadership in London and Oxford and on organisational psychology at King's College, London.  Among her publications are "Tales of conflict and the role of mediation".

Ian Tinsley OBE - A former senior Army officer who commanded multi-national teams on operations.  Ian ran the Army's health and safety organisation and developed its Lessons and Knowledge Exploitation doctrine and organisation.

Learning and Teaching

How will I learn?

The course will use presentations supported by short, scenario based assignments. Scenarios will be based on real life examples enabling you to compare the course solution against the real life outcome.


Study facilities

Our CPD courses are run at our dedicated Executive Development Centre, providing a professional environment for your training needs.

Located at Frenchay Campus, with easy access to the M4 and M5 motorways and Bristol Parkway rail station, it has four fully equipped training rooms, a communications and reception area.

Prices and dates

Supplementary fee information

Full fee: £290

20% early bird discount fee: £232 (for bookings paid in full 8 weeks or more in advance)

10% UWE Alumni Discount fee: £261 (available until the course start date)

Please note that discounts can not be used in conjunction with each other. The greatest discount available will be applied at your booking confirmation.

All course prices include course materials, car parking, lunch and refreshments.

Course Dates

September 2016 run: Wednesday 28 September 2016

How to apply

How to apply

For all enquiries, please complete our online enquiry form.

To make a full or provisional booking for this course, please complete our online booking form.

For further information

  • Email: Please contact us through the online enquiry form
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