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Travel Demand Analysis

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Course code:
Professional/Short Course
Geography and Environmental Management
Six days over a 6 or 12 week period
Course director:
Prof. John Parkin
Programme leader:
Dr Kiron Chatterjee
Key fact:
This course can count towards the MSc Transport Planning or the MSc Transport Engineering and Planning.

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Travel demand analysis involves understanding and predicting travel choices (e.g. whether, where, when and how to travel) and assessing their implications for transport networks and for society in general.

The aims of the course are to introduce travel demand analysis, to provide the opportunity to undertake travel demand analysis and to encourage critical debate of different approaches to travel demand analysis.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements if you wish to undertake this course as a stand-alone CPD course without the optional course assessment.

If you wish to complete the course assessment you are expected to have a first degree at 2.2 level or above (or equivalent) or alternatively have industrial experience.

We strongly recommend that you speak to the course tutor prior to the course if you are unsure about your suitability to complete the assessment.

Careers / Further study

This module can be taken as a stand-alone CPD course, or used to build up credits towards the following named postgraduate qualification by completing the module assessment:

·        PG Certificate; Diploma or Masters in Transport

·        PG Diploma or Masters in Transport Planning or Transport Engineering and Planning



What does it cover?

You will learn about the theories, assumptions and methods used and gain experience of developing and using models to test alternative transport strategies.

Themes covered include:

  • The role of travel demand analysis in transport planning.
  • Data collection and travel surveys.
  • Monitoring and evaluating change in travel demand.
  • Factors underlying travel choices and travel demand.
  • Mainstream transport modelling (four-stage, elasticity-based.)
  • Disaggregate choice modelling.
  • Traffic network models.
  • Alternative transport modelling approaches (activity-based, land use-transport interaction, dynamic.)
  • Application of transport models to forecast and appraise future scenarios.

What will the course outcome be?

  • Understanding and predicting travel choices (e.g. whether, where, when and how to travel).
  • Assessing their implications for transport networks and for society in general.
  • To introduce travel demand analysis.
  • To provide the opportunity to undertake travel demand analysis.
  • To encourage critical debate of different approaches to travel demand analysis.

Learning and Teaching

Watch the video of students comments on transport teaching at UWE Bristol and find out why recent students chose to study Transport at UWE Bristol.

Study time

Each 15 credit course is expected to take around 150 hours to complete. The course is delivered through a series of lectures, seminars and workshops. During and between lectures participants are expected to participate in solving example problems and discussing analysis approaches. Seminars are held to debate travel demand analysis issues and the workshops are linked to the project coursework.

The project is further developed in participant-directed time between workshops. The project involves the use of spreadsheet/statistical software to manage and analyse travel data and the use of transport modelling software to test alternative transport strategies.


The assessment for this course includes an exam and a project report. For more details, see our full glossary of assessment terms.


Professional accreditation

View our Centre for Transport and Society (CTS) pages for further information on activity including upcoming events and opportunities in transport.

Study facilities

UWE Bristol is superbly equipped with libraries and computer labs, and an excellent campus environment.

Find out more about the facilities and resources UWE has to offer.

Prices and dates

Supplementary fee information

UK & EU Student Fee £583 (Additional £100 optional UWE module accreditation)

International Student Fee £1,042

Course dates

Tuesday 3 October 2017
Tuesday 17 October 2017
Tuesday 31 October 2017
Tuesday 14 November 2017
Tuesday 28 November 2017
Tuesday 12 December 2017


UWE Bristol, Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour Lane, Bristol BS16 1QY

How to find UWE Bristol

How to apply

How to apply

If you wish to gain university credits by completing the assignment please register for our Transport Framework (If you have already registered, please contact your course administrator directly to make a booking).

If you wish to attend the October 2017 run of our course without completing the UWE accreditation to gain postgraduate level credits, please complete our online booking form. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

For all enquiries, please complete our on-line enquiry form or contact us on the number below.

For further information

  • Email: For all queries, please complete the on-line enquiry form above.
  • Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 86728

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