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Workplace Wellbeing

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Professional/Short Course
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Frenchay Glenside
Three half days
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James Costello

Page last updated 1 September 2016


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recently announced figures revealing that more days are taken off work in the UK for stress, depression or anxiety than any other illness. 

Mental wellbeing is increasingly recognised as an important component of health.  It is more than an absence of mental illness; it is defined in terms of both psychological functioning (confidence, optimism, enriching working relationships) and emotions (happy, calm, satisfied…). 

Mental wellbeing in the workplace is determined by the interaction of the working environment, the nature of the work, and the individual [NICE Guidance PH22]. 

This free study day is made up of three Workplace Wellbeing morning sessions. All sessions will be; participant-centred and skills-oriented. This short course reflects upon how the workplace and individual interact, and considers skills and strategies to ensure that you stay well at work.    

The training has been developed by a BACP accredited counselling practitioner, James Costello, with experience of working in public, private and third sector organisations.



This is an experiential course, facilitated by an experienced workplace counsellor/trainer where you will:

  • Consider the sources of stress in your workplace.
  • Reflect upon your own relationship with the workplace.
  • Develop your listening skills, enabling you to diffuse emotionally-charged situations more effectively.
  • Learn to notice emotional "triggers" in the workplace, and develop the skills to manage them better.
  • Reflect upon your negotiating style when resolving conflict.
  • Explore beyond face-to-face skills, considering more effective communication via e-mail.


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