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Multi-Professional Programme for Advancing Practice

level 3 or Masters level programme

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Professional/Short Course
Nursing and Midwifery
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Anna Neary

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The Multi-Professional Programme for Advancing Practice (MPPAP) will explore the following areas:

  • Integrated Advanced Practice in Context
  • Developing Advanced Practice

The MPPAP programme team includes nurses and Allied Health Professionals, and is also supported by people currently working in practice to ensure that learning and development is relevant and current.

Careers / Further study

This Programme can contribute towards:

Level 3
BSc(Hons) Specialist Practice, BSc(Hons) Professional Development, BSc (Hons) Professional Studies

Masters Level
MSc Advanced Practice, MSc Specialist Practice

Diagram of Advanced Practice



Integrated Advanced Practice

  • Outline the four pillars of advanced practice and debate their significance to practice.
  • Discriminate between the legal and ethical framework of different health care roles within the NHS and the wider health community.
  • Appraise the roles of non-medical prescriber supplementary prescribing and the use of Patient group directives.
  • Analyse clinical risk management strategies, and assess their impact on patient safety and how this affects the role of the advanced practitioner.
  • Critique advanced communication skills and interpret how these may impact on the advanced practice role.
  • Breakdown safeguarding and working with vulnerable people policies to predict potential conflicts within the health care communities and patient groups.
  • Evaluate complex and integrated care pathways and examine how they can enhance or hinder partnership working.

Developing advanced practice

  • Analyse health belief models and the impact they have on individuals in a health care setting.
  • Apply a systematic assessment of an individual, taking into consideration the psych-social factors that will influence their health care needs.
  • Understand clinical reasoning models that influence Advanced Practice and how this will influence future practice.
  • Revise and evaluate individual practice to enable advance communication with member of the health care team.
  • Understand physical assessment process and the part in plays in a holistic assessment of an individual.

Study time

Each module has 48 contact hours of CPD. These will take the form of; group activities, case study, work-based learning or project supervision, workshops and online activities.

Contact hours may be in virtual form rather than face-to-face, through the use of email and Blackboard discussion groups, virtual learning environments (VLEs) and other technology-aided means. It can also take place in a work-based setting.


Level 3

An assignment aligned to the learning outcomes which asks the student to:

Critically analyse an area of your professional practice related to a service improvement or innovation using current approaches to leadership and change. Evaluate the potential impact of these approaches on successful implementation.

Masters level

A thematic analysis

A summative assignment aligned to the learning outcomes which asks you to:

Critically analyse a leadership challenge in the area of service improvement or clinical innovation of relevance in your organisation. Utilise relevant conceptual frameworks and theories to undertake the analysis, supported by practical examples from your own experience.

Prices and dates

Supplementary fee information

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Funding may be available to support your learning. Please contact your Trust Education Lead. If you work in the Private, Independent and Voluntary Sector, please contact your employer who will advise you.


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How to apply

How to apply

You will apply online for your CPD modules, which you can take as stand-alone courses or as part of an undergraduate (level 3) or postgraduate (Masters level) programme.

Our how to apply page can assist you with further information prior to submitting your online application. 

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