Professional/Short course Collaborative Music for Young People's Relational Health

Entry year
Course code
Professional/Short Course
Health and Social Sciences
Via online lectures and practical workshops
Course Director
Dr Catherine Warner

30 credit Masters level module

Page last updated 11 October 2022


This 30 credit Collaborative Music for Young People's Relational Health module will be focussed on developing the use of music and other arts in your practice to support the relational health of children and young people affected by adverse life events and trauma.

Entry requirements

Undergraduate degree or equivalent. You must be in relevant professional employment.



The module syllabus covers:

  • Skills and resources to be introduced into the workplace (including those developed through the Learning In A New Key LINK project)
  • Ethical frameworks including UNCRC principles and recent policy drives
  • Overview of the European Policy context for the relational health of children and young people in education
  • Knowledge base exploring the relationship between creativity and recovery from trauma
  • Relevant evaluation tools for use in action-based inquiries using the arts
  • Design of a workplace inquiry using music and the arts
  • Reflective learning styles
  • A relevant trauma-informed professional competence framework developed through the ERASMUS+ Learning In a New Key (LINK) project.

Learning and Teaching

The module will be delivered employing a variety of techniques requiring you to use and further develop your skills of independent learning. Online lectures will deliver much of the theoretical module content which can be further discussed and developed in seminars, and the musical skills will be delivered in practical workshops. Various opportunities will be provided for self-assessment and formative feedback throughout the course of the module.

There will be a practical element to the module, involving first the training in musical and arts based activities which can be used to support the relational health of young people through workshops, and then the supported practical application of this within the workplace. You will also receive appraisals in the workplace from a course tutor or placement educator.


The assessment for this module comprises of a presentation to peers and a practice portfolio.

Component A comprises an inquiry portfolio, which will typically contain the following:

  • A protocol for a work-based action inquiry to be carried out in the workplace
  • An account of the inquiry including the use of a relevant inquiry tool
  • Reflective log of engagement with music activities
  • A folder of resources to promote relational health in the workplace
  • Tutor appraisal and self-appraisal
  • A minimum of 120 placement hours are required to be evidenced in the log.

Component B comprises an online presentation incorporating argument, discussion, questions and audio-visual extracts reflecting on the your developing use of music and the arts in the classroom or other work environment. This presentation must incorporate a reflexive account of the significance of knowledge and skill in the context of education and health, and with reference to UNCRC principles and recent policy drives.

Formative Assessment Opportunities exist for formative assessment in the module, through supervision, individual feedback from tutors and peer reflection.


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