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Professional course

Essential Elements of Counselling Young People

Level 2 Introductory Counselling Module

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Professional/Short Course
Health and Social Sciences
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Liz Maliphant

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On successful completion of this level two module you will be able to:

  • Operate within professional and ethical guidelines.
  • Understand the development of young people.
  • Understand mental health problems in young people.
  • Have an understanding of legal frameworks relating to young people, including issues of confidentiality, consent and capacity, child protection issues, risk assessments and contracts.
  • Have an understanding of working in the context of specific settings.
  • Understand the communicative needs and styles of young people of differing ages and developmental level.

Entry requirements

You must be:

  • A BACP Student Member or equivalent
  • Currently training on the UWE BACP diploma level 1 adult counselling training
  • Or an already qualified counsellor



Day one

  • Introduction to the module and the assessments.
  • Operating within professional and ethical guidelines.
  • Contracting for therapeutic work.
  • Working within the context of the setting (e.g. school).
  • Monitoring outcomes and onward referral.
  • Skills practice/case discussion.

Day two

  • Legal frameworks relating to young people.
  • Collaborative assessments.
  • Skills practice/case discussion.

Day Three

  • Development in young people.
  • Child protection issues.
  • Skills practice/case discussion/interventions and techniques.

Day Four

  • Communicating with young people of differing ages, developmental level and background.
  • Mental health and young people.
  • Skills practice/case discussion/interventions and techniques.

Day Five

  • Ethical and value issues associated with counselling children and young people including those of equality of opportunity and working with diversity.
  • Consideration of personal and philosophical assumptions that have been influenced by reading and personal experience and the implications of this on the choice of therapeutic intervention.
  • Skills practice/case discussion/interventions and techniques

Learning and Teaching

Scheduled learning Lectures which will include experiential exercises, demonstrations, skills acquisitions (e.g., developmentally appropriate assessment skills, contracting) video examples, tutorials and demonstrations (approximately 36 hours).

Independent learning Essential reading, reflective diary, case study preparation, assignment preparation andcompletion etc. (approximately 114 hrs).

Study time

Five days x 7.2 hours teaching sessions. This includes a broad range of teaching activities, including lectures,participation in group work, skills practice, tutorials, demonstrations and experiential exercises.

This enables you to integrate your theoretical and practical learning, and to understand the importance of self-awareness and being reflective in your understanding of the counselling needs of young people.


  • A one hour exam.  In-class written response to a case-study which links the use of therapeutic skills, understanding of context, safeguarding and developmental knowledge required for professional practice
  • A 1500 word Reflection based on Personal Learning Diary.

You will be provided with a module handbook and recommended reading.

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How to apply

How to apply

You are required to apply online for your CPD modules, which you can take as stand-alone courses or as part of an undergraduate or postgraduate (Masters level) programme.

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