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BSc Hons Biomedical Top-up

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Modules can be offered either individually or collectively if you have had your first degree evaluated by the IBMS and require further Top-up studies in order to complete the educational requirement for IBMS accreditation.

After completing this 20 credit level 3 (USSJN3-20-3) or Masters level (USSJN5-30-M) module, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the theory and techniques of classical and modern microbial taxonomy, and discuss the controversies that exist in the field
  • Critically discuss the virulence and pathogenicity of infectious agents centred on the concept of the host
  • Evaluate the methods available for the detection of infectious agents and diagnosis of infections
  • Critically discuss the strategies available to control and treat microbial and viral infections
  • Apply theoretical knowledge of identification and classification, epidemiology, pathogenicity and virulence treatment and control of pathogens to selected examples of infectious diseases
  • Evaluate the importance of health and safety and good laboratory practice in microbiology
  • Review and evaluate the literature relevant to the area of medical microbiology

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Entry requirements

You must have completed USSJ4G-20-2 Microbiology, USSJ4V-20-2 Drugs and Disease or USSJV6-20-2 Studies in the Biology of Disease.



The module covers the following topics:

  • Detection of microbes
  • Taxonomy and classification
  • Epidemiology
  • The host-microbe balance
  • The control of infectious diseases in human populations
  • Infectious diseases of key body systems.

Learning and Teaching

The Medical Microbiology module will be delivered using a mix of formal lectures, group discussions, tutorials and data interpretation exercises.


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