Professional/Short course Orthopaedics: Trauma and Surgery

Entry year
Course code
Professional/Short Course
School of Health and Social Wellbeing
One semester, part-time
Course Director
Natalie Godfrey

20 credit level 6 or level 7 module

Page last updated 12 October 2023


You may be able to study these modules at Level 6 (BSc level) or Level 7 (Masters level) depending on your academic circumstances. Please contact the CPD Team or the Module Leader for advice if you are unsure which level would be best for you.

This 20 credit Orthopaedics: Trauma and Surgery module has been designed for the trauma and orthopaedic multidisciplinary team. It will further the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver optimal care and rehabilitation, whilst developing understanding of the impact that musculoskeletal trauma and orthopaedic surgery has on patients.

On successful completion of the level 6 (undergraduate level) or level 7 (Masters level) module, you will be able to:

  • integrate a critical awareness of the normal musculoskeletal anatomy and pathophysiology of traumatic injury with a service improvement approach to patient care.
  • critically examine the management of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal trauma patients, factoring in assessment, treatment and potential complications in order to improve patient care
  • critically evaluate the roles within the orthopaedic interdisciplinary team in relation rehabilitation of the individual with orthopaedic trauma
  • demonstrate a critical understanding of the key principles of pre/post-operative care in the trauma and orthopaedic patient.



The module syllabus will typically cover:

  • normal musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology
  • principles of musculoskeletal and trauma assessment
  • common Musculoskeletal injuries and their management
  • complications of musculoskeletal trauma and orthopaedic surgery
  • principles of Trauma and Orthopaedic pre/ post-operative care
  • roles within the health care team
  • health education principles, continuing care/rehab and mobilising strategies.

Learning and Teaching

A variety of learning approaches will be taken which will include a series of taught lectures and workshops. You will be encouraged to engage in both directed and self-directed learning activities.

You will receive regular feedback aimed at developing your knowledge and understanding, and will have regular opportunity to discuss your progress with the module lead(s).


Assessment will involve a 10 minute presentation plus a 10 minute question and answer session.


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