Professional course Managing Maternal Critical Care

Entry year
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Professional/Short Course
School of Health and Social Wellbeing
Course Director
Gillian Ottley

20 credit, level 3 or Masters level module

Page last updated 4 October 2021


On successful completion of the Managing Maternal Critical Care level 3 (UZURXY-20-3) module, you will be able to:

  • Contribute to the planning, delivery and evaluation of maternal critical care.
  • Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the application of human factors to the clinical decision making process within the multi-disciplinary team, with an emphasis on the role of the midwife within it.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills required to care for women needing critical care in all settings.
  • Critically discuss legal, ethical, social and cultural issues and their impact on maternal critical care, enabling provision of holistic care to women and their families.
  • Demonstrate self-direction and decision-making within the multidisciplinary team.

Managing Maternal Critical Care Masters level (UZURY3-20-M) module:

  • Critically understand and discuss the need for, planning, implementing and evaluating maternal critical care.
  • Critically apply human factors to the clinical decision making process.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills required to care for women needing high dependency care in the labour ward setting.
  • Critically analyse the function and work of the multi-disciplinary team and demonstrate midwifery leadership within it.
  • Critically evaluate legal, ethical, social and cultural issues and their impact on maternal critical care.
  • Demonstrate self-direction clinical leadership in decision-making during complex and unpredictable situations.

Entry requirements

The module will be relevant for midwives working with women and their families who wish to advance their skills and knowledge in maternal critical care.

Careers / Further study

The Level 3 module can contribute towards:

  • BSc(Hons) Specialist Practice (District Nursing)
  • BSc(Hons) Health and Social Care
  • MSc Specialist Practice (District Nursing)
  • MSc Advanced Practice
  • Professional Development Award

The Masters level module can contribute towards:

  • MSc Specialist Practice (District Nursing)
  • MSc Advanced Practice
  • Professional Development Awards



This course syllabus covers the following:

Professional and ethical practice

  • Managing and prioritising maternal critical care
  • The law and ethics in complex maternal critical care situations

Anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology

  • Identifying occult signs in maternal critical care and obstetric emergencies
  • High dependency maternal care
  • Identifying rapidly changing clinical conditions

Key transferable and clinical skills

  • Clinical reasoning
  • Human factors and their impact in clinical decision making
  • Advanced clinical skills required for high dependency maternal care
  • Critical thinking and problem solving

Leadership and management

  • Management of self and others (leadership, emotional intelligence and resilience).

Learning and Teaching

Learning and teaching methods utilised within this module are student centred.

This holistic approach presents you with complex practice events to unravel and resolve, directly supporting you to acquire the complex knowledge, skills and values necessary for effective high risk midwifery practice.

You will be able to appraise and apply theory to practice, develop acute clinical reasoning skills as well as assimilate the knowledge and skills necessary for summative assessment activities.

Scheduled learning

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Workshops and master classes
  • Presentations
  • Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
  • Group work
  • Formative peer and self-assessment

Independent learning

  • Directed reading
  • Locating and researching information
  • TEL activities
  • Preparation for formative and summative assessment

Study time

Total contact time is 48 hours and this includes lectures, seminars, simulation and workshops.


Formative Assessment

You will have an opportunity to test your leaning and understanding within group discussions and activities, reflections on practice, exam preparation and feedback from peers and tutors.

Summative assessment

Oral examination

The oral examination is designed to assess your advanced knowledge and understanding, clinical reasoning and decision making skills using a clinical practice scenario.

The exam will be designed to enable you to demonstrate, amongst other things; advanced communication skills and professional values, decision making, knowledge of and implementation of evidence based practice guidelines, interprofessional working, action planning and problem solving.


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