Professional course Preparation of Professional Nurse and Midwifery Advocates

Entry year
Course code
Professional/Short Course
Nursing and Midwifery
Equivalent of 10 days
Course Director
Rachel Tonks

30 credit Masters level module

Page last updated 20 July 2021


This 30 credit Masters level module will, upon successful completion, allow nurses/midwives to practice as professional nurse/midwifery advocates.

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Critically review and interpret the impact of national and local policies, guidelines, recommendations, quality indicators and evidence on the provision of services, and identify strategies to support colleagues to develop their practice accordingly.
  • Critically appraise the role of a Professional Nurse/ Midwifery Advocate and the A-Equip model in creating an environment for learning and cultural change in the service, organisation and profession and for opportunities to develop transformative care for service users.
  • Critically evaluate the complex, ethical, legal and professional issues that impact upon care and the provision of clinical supervision, and demonstrate strategies to support colleagues in relation to this.
  • Demonstrate originality in influencing, leading and evaluating service development and transformation, at a strategic level, which promotes a safe, evidence-based, collaborative, proactive, user-led service.
  • Demonstrate accountability and positive role modelling through leadership, advocacy, autonomous decision-making and active contribution to assurance and quality improvement.
  • Critically evaluate models of supervision and other enablers that optimise the supervisor / supervisee relationship to promote and assure: colleagues' understanding of personal accountability and responsibility; well-being and personal safety; and management of conflict and distress.
  • Achieve a passing grade in the competencies set out in the operational guidance (DH 2017).

Entry requirements

  • Students nominated and selected by Director/Head of Nursing/Midwifery with agreement by module leader regarding suitability to study at level M.
  • Completion of HEE A-Equip e-learning module.
  • Access to a relevant practice environment in order to meet the learning outcomes of the module.
  • Assignment of a PNA/PMA mentor with sign-off status to assess practice competencies.



Theoretical and practical learning will center of the four elements of the A-EQUIP model:

  • Monitoring, evaluation and quality control
  • Clinical supervision (restorative)
  • Personal action for quality improvement
  • Education and development.

Learning and Teaching

You will be expected to engage with group work as well as individual study. Whilst in practice, you will be supported by a practice assessor.

Study time

The module is delivered through synchronous and asynchronous learning; the equivalent of 10 days. 


The assessment strategy for this module will be supported by formative and summative review points and will ensure you have developed the necessary variety of skills, at the appropriate standard, to be a professional nurse/midwifery advocate (PNA/PMA).

Formative assessment

  • An initial, interim and end of placement learning review
  • A reflective account focusing on an area of practice that is enhanced by the PNA/PMA, with a focus on how the nurse/midwife has developed and applied their knowledge to the A-EQUIP model.

Summative assessment

  • Component A: Completion of practice competencies
    The nurse/ midwife is required to achieve all the practice competencies in the practice document signed off by their assessor. These practice competencies are marked as pass/fail. The nurse/midwife will be allocated a PNA/PMA mentor from the practice area, who will meet with them at regular intervals to discuss learning opportunities, allowing them to meet the proficiencies. The one to one meetings will also allow them to discuss and reflect on the activities they have undertaken.
  • Component B
    Element 1: Written assessment of 2,000 words


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The Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences has an excellent reputation for the quality of its teaching and the facilities it provides.

You'll have access to a range of on-campus and online facilities to support your learning, including the University Library which is open 24 hours a day.

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For registered Nurses, funding will be available to support your learning which is provided by NHE England and NHS Improvement (NHSE and NHSI). If you are a registered midwife, please seek alternative funding by either self-funding or contacting your employer for organisational funding.


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