Professional/Short course Food Control

Entry year
Course code
Professional/Short Course
School of Health and Social Wellbeing
Approximately five months
Course Director
Jo Forbes-Cooper

15 credit level 7 module

Page last updated 12 October 2023


Accreditations and partnerships:

On successful completion of this 15 credit Food Control module, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of pre-requisites in the context of food safety management systems.
  • Identify monitor and evaluate a range of microbiological and non-microbiological hazards associated with the modern food chain.
  • Critically evaluate, audit and analyse relevant food safety and quality management systems.
  • Be competent in inspection techniques and the determination of fitness of the range of food stuffs encountered at point of sale.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the principles of food hygiene technology as it relates to food safety.
  • Critically understand the role of legislation and policy in food control.
  • Determine and reflect on the most appropriate course of action in complex food safety situations.

Careers / Further study

This module can contribute towards MSc Environmental Health.



This level 7 (Masters level) module syllabus will typically cover:

  • The principles and application food technology including microbiological and non-microbiological hazards in the food chain. Key sources of contamination and cross contamination in the food chain and the impact this has on human health and the national economy.
  • The causes and aetiology of food poisoning and food borne disease.
  • The role of pre-requisites and their importance in food safety management systems.
  • Principles of HACCP and its application to food safety management and practical understanding of food safety auditing and HACCP and non HACCP based food safety management systems. Quality control and quality assurance systems in food safety management and the interventions and knowledge of the law surrounding food standards, food hygiene and food safety management systems.
  • The inspection, identification, judgement of fitness and quality of a variety of manufactured foods and primary produce including red meat, poultry, game, fruit, vegetable, fish and shellfish. The identification and evaluation of a range of interventions for dealing with food which fails to meet legislative requirements in terms of food safety and quality.
  • A detailed understanding of the legislation, guidance and policy which regulates/influences the safety and quality of the modern food chain.

Learning and Teaching

The module will be delivered employing a variety of techniques requiring the students to utilise and further develop their skills of independent learning. Technology will be used where appropriate to support lectures, seminars, practical workshops and scheduled learning. Various opportunities will be provided for self-assessment and formative feedback throughout the course of the module.

Study time

Contact hours: 40 hours

Scheduled learning: 24 hours

Student centred learning: 86 hours


  • 3 hour unseen written examination
  • 30 minute professional food practical exam


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