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Physical Assessment and Clinical Reasoning (multi-professional version)

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This 20 credit level 3 Physical Assessment and Clinical Reasoning (UZYS5F203) or Masters level (UZYY8C20M) multi-professional version module will use a variety of approaches, which may include e-learning, lectures, practical sessions, seminars, experts from practice, analysis of case studies and self directed study. Formative OSCEs undertaken throughout the module will contribute to the final summative assessment.

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Entry requirements

You must be a registered practitioner currently working in an area to achieve the learning outcomes of 60 credits at Level 2.



The module syllabus for level 3 or Masters level covers:


  • Systematic history taking
  • Use of assessment tools for recognising normal and abnormal findings
  • Introduction to use of frameworks for clinical reasoning
  • Risk Assessment

Scientific knowledge

  • Foundations of relevant anatomy and pathophysiology
  • Introduction to clinical findings related to head to toe physical assessment with application to related disease processes
  • Rationale for diagnostic investigations and relevance to practice

Health and Safety

  • Local policy frameworks/regulations
  • Introduction to national policy frameworks/regulations (e.g. IRMER, COSHH)

Context of physical assessment and clinical reasoning

  • Legal/ethical principles
  • Clinical governance
  • Evidence based practice
  • National and local initiatives for changing roles in practice

Learning and Teaching

On completion of this level 3 (UZYS5F203) or Masters level (UZYY8C20M) multi-professional version module, you will be able to demonstrate the following:

Knowledge and understanding

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of concepts related to anatomy, physiology and the clinical reasoning that supports recognition of common illnesses.
  • Differentiate between normal and abnormal variants of the physical assessment and their clinical significance.
  • Use clinical reasoning to enhance critical analysis of diagnostic findings.

Intellectual skills

  • Systematically identify and evaluate findings from physical assessment.
  • Evaluate the context in which clinical reasoning occurs.
  • Critically appraise ethical and legal issues that impact on clinical reasoning

Subject/Professional and Practical Skills

  • Apply the process of physical assessment and clinical reasoning.

Transferable Skills

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the skills and reasoning underpinning physical assessment and clinical reasoning.
  • Exercise clinical judgement by formulating an action plan based on the findings of the clinical examination.


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How to apply

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