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Current Applications in Hybrid Imaging Practice

15 credit, Masters level module

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Professional/Short Course
Allied Health Professions
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Simon King

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This module has been developed to enable individuals to demonstrate a good level of understanding associated with the current applications of hybrid imaging practice.

During the module you will cover areas such as; equipment design, safety, current training implications and the most effective use of this developing imaging modality.

You will also consider future development opportunities for the hybrid imaging practitioner and relate these to potential growth areas in clinical practice.



SPECT/CT Equipment Including Safe Working Practice

  • An introduction to imaging equipment commonly used with a hybrid imaging environment (including ancillary equipment)
  • Common image acquisition and processing techniques
  • Factors affecting image quality with consideration as to strategies designed to limit/rectify such occurrences
  • Common applications of hybrid imaging technique, with linkage to relevant legislation
  • SPECT/CT room design to incorporate safety considerations

PET/CT Equipment Including Safe Working Practice

  • As above but considering PET/CT as opposed to SPECT/CT

Fundamental Imaging Parameters within the Hybrid Environment

  • Fundamental acquisition parameters in hybrid imaging
  • Fundamental utilisation of Computed Tomography within the hybrid imaging environment
  • Radiation protection implications to be considered when performing a CT scan within the hybrid imaging environment, including compliance with current legislation
  • Fundamentals of CT multi-planar reconstruction
  • An introduction to the major components of a modern CT scanner
  • The development of fundamental quality control tests
  • Principle of SPECT/CT imaging as applied to cardiac, neurology and oncology imaging

Impact of Hybrid Imaging on Patient Management

  • Care of the patient within the hybrid imaging environment including appropriate preparation and dosimetry considerations
  • Clinical value of hybrid imaging within current patient pathways
  • Clinical indications / applications for the use of SPECT/CT
  • Current national hybrid imaging guidelines and Government strategies
  • The future integration of hybrid imaging systems within radiotherapy practice
  • Further establishment of multidisciplinary roles within a hybrid imaging environment

Emerging Technology

  • Justification and current thinking related to the use of Computed Tomography within the hybrid environment
  • Justification and current thinking related to the use of resolution recovery within the hybrid environment
  • The future production of radiopharmaceutical tracers required for hybrid Imaging Practice
  • An introduction to PET/MR, developing an appreciation of its current position in clinical practice and the growing knowledge base surrounding the clinical applications of the modality

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