Professional course Cross-sectional Anatomy for the Nuclear Medicine Practitioner

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Professional/Short Course
School of Health and Social Wellbeing
15 credits, Masters level module

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This module is taught by distance learning

On successful completion of this 15 credit Masters level module, you will be able to:

  • Understand the regional anatomy of the head, neck and trunk
  • Identify the major organs, their components, vessels and major lymphatic structures in anatomical cross-section
  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of anatomical spatial relationships
  • Critically assess changes to normal anatomy in Nuclear Medicine relevant disease states
  • Relate structure to function and critically explore the effect of disease states on both of these
  • Critically discuss the application of anatomical and pathological knowledge to professional development and service improvement
  • Obtain, evaluate and synthesise information from a range of sources and use it to effectively develop understanding of cross-sectional anatomy.



Regional and Cross-sectional anatomy of the head, neck and trunk

  • Main organ and organ components, major lymphatic groups, relevant vascular anatomy
  • Use of computed tomography cross-sectional images to exemplify anatomy
  • Use of SPECT/CT images to illustrate common disease states relevant to Nuclear Medicine.

Using knowledge to support practice, and improve service delivery

  • Professional role development
  • Clinical decision-making.

Study time

Scheduled learning includes upto 30 hours engaged with lectures, seminars, tutorials, discussion board entries, project supervision, work based learning.

Independent learning includes upto 120 hours engaged with essential reading, case study preparation, assignment preparation and completion and reflection of learning.

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