Professional/Short course Negotiated Specialist Ultrasound Practice (6)

Entry year
Course code
Professional/Short Course
School of Health and Social Wellbeing
Two semesters
To be negotiated
Course Director
Antonio Sassano; Glenda Toach;

15 credit level 7 module

Page last updated 12 October 2023


The aim of this 15 credit Negotiated Specialist Ultrasound Practice (6) level 7 module is to develop a safe and competent practitioner equipped with knowledge, critical understanding and professional skills for participation in an effective Ultrasound Imaging service.

Entry requirements

A co-requisite to the module is theApplicants must be working in a relevant area of ultrasound practice, and have either completed or be enrolled on a relevant physics or the Fundamentals of Ultrasound Technology module, by agreement with the module leader.

Careers / Further study

This module can contribute towards the MSc Medical Ultrasound.



Potential areas for student study must be negotiated with the Module Leader and could include subspecialty of areas such as the following:

Obstetric ultrasound:

  • First-trimester anomaly scanning
  • Fetal echocardiography

Gynaecological ultrasound:

  • Fertility and sub-fertility scanning
  • Screening for ovarian cancer.

General medical ultrasound:

  • Paediatric
  • Musculo-skeletal
  • Superficial parts e.g. breast ultrasound.

Vascular ultrasound:

  • Upper limb assessment

This module is likely to include subject-specific topics, for example:

  • Normal anatomy and physiology; anatomical variants; normal ultrasound appearances; pathological processes; abnormal ultrasound appearances; scanning techniques; use in health screening - subject specific variations
  • Role of ultrasound in the overall management of the patient
  • Complementary and/or alternative imaging techniques
  • Interpretation and recording of examination data
  • Safety guidelines, protocols and legislation
  • Contemporary research and developments in ultrasound
  • Techniques related to ultrasound imaging of chosen specialist field.
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Professional and employment issues relating to Negotiated Specialist Ultrasound Practice
  • Communication skills
  • Reporting of ultrasound images
  • Group working
  • Project management skills

Learning and Teaching

The content of the module will be defined following discussions between the module leader, the student and the work-based manager, and will result in a Learning Contract being drawn up. This contract will specify exactly how the module learning outcomes will be achieved. The nature of the module enables the student to negotiate and learn with significant and relevant others as they see fit. Clinical assessment areas will also be defined as a result of discussions, and subject specific competencies must be demonstrated in all areas.

The placement hours for this module are a normal average, based on this being a practice-based programme which normally requires students to complete on average a minimum of 15 hours per week in a relevant practice setting per professional practice module.


  • Completion of a Clinical Portfolio to include summative clinical assessments.
  • Structured Oral and Practical Examination (SOPE).



Clinical practice placements are negotiated and organised by the student, but should include a minimum of 15 hours a week of supervised scanning for the duration of the module.

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