Professional/short course Professional Studies Supervision for Year Out (Stage 1) and Post Part 2 (Stage 2) architecture students

Entry year
Course code
Professional/Short Course
Architecture and the Built Environment
Frenchay campus
Records must be submitted within 2 months of a 3 month period of work
Supervision by post or 1-1 contact, by arrangement
Programme leader
Ann de Graft-Johnson

On demand

Page last updated 2 April 2020


UWE offers professional experience supervision for architecture students undertaking work in practice and who are completing a Professional Experience Development Record (PEDR).

The RIBA PEDR website gives clear and detailed information about the PEDR process.

Supervision for students undertaking a minimum of 12 months experience is delivered through 2 non accredited modules:

  • Professional Experience Stage 1 - Architecture (code UBLLPJ-10-3)
  • Professional Experience Stage 2 - Architecture (code UBLMCN-10-M)

Both modules are available to all architecture students, regardless of which university they are/have been attending.

The Stage 1 module has a call back day which is generally held in February of each year. The Stage 2 module is typically linked to the UWE Part 3 Architecture course: Professional Practice and Management in Architecture, however students who have completed their Part 2 studies but who are not enrolled on the UWE Part 3 programme are still welcome to enrol.

For students who do not require a full 12 months of supervision, UWE also offers a one-off purchase option. This enables Stage 1 and 2 students to receive professional studies supervision per quarter (3 months) and to submit single Professional Experience Development Record (PEDR) sheets.

Students undertaking Part 3 who have accrued 6 years or more experience with a minimum of 12 months work in practice after commencing a Part 2 course may opt to complete Certificates of Experience in lieu of PEDRs. The certificates are required to be reviewed by a PSA or Part 3 programme leader. UWE offers this as a one-off purchase option.

Your registration with UWE provides supervision, advice and guidance from a Professional Studies Advisor (PSA).



A completed and signed individual PEDR record is submitted by post to UWE's Professional Studies Advisor (PSA) Ann de Graft-Johnson, for signing and feedback.



Please make sure that you register with RIBA PEDR to access the PEDR sheets here

UWE's Professional Studies Advisor (PSA) will review your PEDR sheets and comment on the breadth, scope and adequacy of the professional experience you have gained. Ann de Graft-Johnson is also your first point of contact if any difficulties or concerns arise.

Prices and dates

Supplementary fee information

Please note that for Professional Experience Supervision exceeding 9 months it is recommended that you enrol on the relevant Stage 1 or Stage 2 module (4 PEDRs)

Module/Single SheetFee
PEDR Stage 1 (UBLLPJ-10-3)£250 for 4 PEDRs*
PEDR Stage 2 (UBLMCN-10-M)£250 for 4 PEDRs*
PEDR Stage 1 (single sheet / 1 PEDR)£70 per single supervision
PEDR Stage 2 (single sheet / 1 PEDR)£70 per single supervision
Certificate of Experience £70 per single supervision

*You will be registered as UWE student and finance will contact you with information about how to pay tuition fees (incl direct debit)

How to apply

How to apply

There is no fixed deadline for applications and students can enrol at any time during the year.

To register on one of the PEDR modules or for a single sheet, please complete the relevant booking form:

Module/Single sheetBookingEnquiry
PEDR Stage 1 (UBLLPJ-10-3)Book NowEnquire Now
PEDR Stage 2 (UBLMCN-10-M)Book NowEnquire Now
PEDR Stage 1 (single sheet)Book NowEnquire Now
PEDR Stage 2 (single sheet)Book NowEnquire Now
Certificate of ExperienceBook NowEnquire Now


For further information

  • Email: For any questions in relation to the course, i.e. content, assessments, submissions, etc. please contact the Programme Leader directly, Ann de Graft-Johnson ( For queries regarding administration aspects of registration, i.e. fees, etc. please contact us using the on-line enquiry form or phone number below.
  • Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 86927