Professional course Air Quality Modelling (Distance Learning)

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Professional/Short Course
School of Architecture and Environment
One day
Online-live session and/or self-study
Course Director
Dr Jo Barnes, Air Quality Management Resource Centre

Page last updated 24 April 2024


Accreditations and partnerships:

The Air Quality Management Resource Centre (AQMRC) in the School of Architecture and Environment is pleased to offer an exciting suite of online Air Quality short courses. This new suite consists of five distinct courses covering the following topics with an online (Distance Learning) option for each:

Delivered as self-learning (materials access only) or blended learning (materials + live session), where each topic will provide you with a set of interactive web-based materials to work through in advance of a live online contact session with the course leaders and your peers, which will provide an opportunity to discuss the materials in more depth and undertake related activities to that topic. 

Individuals are invited to book on as many or few of the days as they wish. 

For this specific topic, temporary access to dispersion modelling and mapping software will also be provided. 

"I can use what I learnt all week to improve my Councils' AQ arrangements, write accurate review and assessment reports, review 3rd party reports and attract developer contributions to air quality via CIL and S106."Mike Jephcott, Senior Environmental Health Officer 

What does it cover? 

This course provides an understanding of the theory and practice of using dispersion models to replicate the behaviour of pollution in the atmosphere. The course will explain the rationale behind air quality modelling using examples of particular models to describe the ways in which they are used and highlight some of the potential limitations and problems associated with them. 

The course also provides a basic introduction to model input data, the basic principles and assumptions involved and the concepts of model validation, verification and adjustment, including worked examples of a modelling scenario in ADMS-Roads and the verification and adjustment process. 

This course would be of value to anyone interested or involved in the use of local-scale atmospheric dispersion modelling. 

Who is it for? 

"I would like to use this opportunity to thank your team for the amazing course on AQ Modelling at UWE. I have found its content really useful and really enjoyed the afternoon session where we were allowed to play with the ADMS Roads Model and test different scenarios." Pedro Rocha e Abreu, Air Quality Officer (MIAQM), Oxford City Council 

The courses will be of interest to students, practitioners and policy makers involved in air quality management in: 

  • Environmental health/protection
  • Public health 
  • Transport
  • Land-use planning 

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements to join this course. 

A good level of English language is required to be able to follow the content. 



This course will cover the following areas: 

  • Rationale for Air Quality Modelling 
  • Types of models and their uses 
  • Monitoring strategies for Local Air Quality Management
  • Model input data 
  • Principles and assumptions 
  • Modelling scenarios 
  • Model validation, verification and adjustment 
  • Data validation and ratification

Learning and Teaching

How is the programme delivered? 

This programme is delivered through our online learning platform, meaning you can attend and study from anywhere in the world! 

There are two options to access each session: 

  • Online Materials Access Only: This option will provide you with access to the online interactive materials for 12 weeks from the start date. 
  • Online Materials + Live Session: This option provides you with access to the online interactive materials for12 weeks from the start date. Approx. 6 weeks after the start date there will be a scheduled online live session with the tutors on a set date. See details under Prices and Dates. 

Study time

This course will take approximately 6hrs of individual learning (online materials), plus 3hrs webinar time if selecting 'materials + live session'. 

It is recommended to work though the online materials in advance of the live session. 


Professional accreditation

The courses are accredited by the Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES).

For those accessing the materials and completing the online live session you will be issued with a UWE Bristol Certificate of Attendance for 3 CPD hours + self-study. 

IES members can submit this certificate as part of their CPD activity record. 

No CPD certificate will be provided for those joining the Online Materials Access Only sessions. 

Study facilities

IT requirements

This programme is delivered fully online. UWE Bristol has invested significantly in online resources to support your study. We use the 'Blackboard' online platform to deliver an integrated learning experience to you. Access to this course will require you to be enrolled as a UWE student. 

To ensure you able to access materials and can participate fully in the live sessions, if you plan to attend these, please see the following required computer specifications: 

Operating system: Windows 7+, Mac OS 10.9

Web browser: Firefox is the optimal browser. However other browsers such as Google Chrome (version 79 or later) are also compatible. 

Additional requirements:

  • 256 MB RAM 
  • 20 MB free disk space 
  • Internet Access - 28.8 kbps speed or above (broadband connection highly recommended). Slower internet connections may cause issues with audio and video. 
  • Microphone and speakers/headphones 
  • Webcam

As part of this modelling course you will have access to ADMS-Roads software. Please check your firewall settings in advance, especially if you are using a work computer to ensure your firewall will allow you to access our sites and programmes. 

Get a feel for the Geography and Environmental Management facilities we have on offer here from wherever you are.

Prices and dates

Supplementary fee information

Course dates 

This course is planned to run again in 2024. Once confirmed, course dates, updated fees and online booking forms will be published here. Please complete our online enquiry form below to be notified once these details are made available. 

Cohort TBCDateTimeLocation
Access to online materials TBCanytimeOnline
Live Session TBCTBCOnline

Course fees 

All prices are VAT exempt. Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with each other. The greatest discount available will be applied at your booking confirmation. 

To get the greatest benefit from this course the materials + live session option is recommended. 

Early Bird Discount Materials + Live Session  TBC
Deadline for Early Bird bookings & payment TBC
Full Fee Materials + Live Session TBC
UWE Alumni/Staff Discount Materials + Live Session TBC
Future Space Discount Materials + Live Session TBC
Course Connect Discount Materials + Live Session TBC
Full Fee Materials Access Only    TBC
Deadline for all other bookings & payments TBC

How to apply

How to apply

This course is planned to run again in 2024. Once confirmed, course dates, updated fees and online booking forms will be published here. Please complete our online enquiry form below to be notified once these details are made available. 

TBC Enquire Now

You will have the option to book on one or multiple topics as well as choosing your preferred method of study (Materials Access Only or Materials + Live Session).

As part of the booking process you will be registered as a UWE student and issued a UWE email and password, to enable access to the required online resources. 


For further information

  • Email: For specific questions in relation to the course, i.e. content, suitability, assessments, etc. please contact the Programme Leader, Dr Jo Barnes ( For all queries regarding administration aspects of registration, i.e. dates, fees, etc. please contact us using the online enquiry form link or phone number below.
  • Telephone: +44 (0)117 32 81043 (option 1, then option 3)