Professional/Short course Health and Social Care Research: Methods and Methodology

Entry year
Course code
Professional/Short Course
School of Health and Social Wellbeing
One semester
Online and face-to-face
Course Director
Dr Alison Hughes (face-to-face runs); Dr Katrin Hirsch/Dr Ann Smith (online module)

15 or 20 credit level 7 module (online learning option available).

Due to the places required from our partnership organisations outweighing the actual places available on this module, it will not be opened up to general applications until six weeks before the start date. Please contact your employer to see if you are eligible to apply, they will supply you with the relevant links to undertake this process.

Page last updated 30 November 2023


The Health and Social Care Research: Methods and Methodology level 7 (Masters level) module is available at both 15 (UZWSPX-15-M) or 20 (UZWRGQ-20-M) credits. There is also a 15 (UZWSRV-15-M) or 20 (UZWYGP-20-M) credit online learning module option available.

These 15 or 20 credit level 7 module, Health and Social Care Research: Methods and Methodology, will give you an overview of:

  1. the current state of research in health and social care, including, for example issues of funding, the formulation of research questions, the relationship between evidence and practice and the implementation of research findings in different settings
  2. the access, use and the development of information systems: databases; libraries; bibliographic searching; the Internet
  3. critical appraisal methods as applied to selected research methodologies and strategies adopted in health and social care, including:
    • evaluating intervention research (experimental and quasi-experimental research; randomised controlled trials; action research; descriptive and inferential statistics including both parametric and non-parametric approaches)
    • evaluating survey research
    • evaluating qualitative research (open interviews, discourse and content analysis, observational research)
    • evaluation criteria: reliability, validity; issues of corroboration; triangulation
  4. the main research methodologies and strategies
  5. Health Service evaluation
  6. ethical issues in research
  7. innovations in research and the development of new methodologies.

There is also a 15 credit (UZWSRV-15-M) or 20 credit (UZWYGP-20-M) online learning module option available.

Careers / Further study

This course can contribute towards the following Programmes subject to relevant credit to be undertaken:

  • MSc Specialist Practice (District Nursing)
  • MSc Advanced Practice
  • Professional Development Awards




The module syllabus typically includes:

Knowledge and understanding

  • Critically analyse the rationale for particular qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and methods.
  • Interpret the stages of the research process and the meaning and significance of data generation and analysis in qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Apply the critical knowledge of the relationships between sampling and theory generation.
  • Demonstrate a critical awareness of the need for and the process of research governance.

Intellectual skills

  • Make evaluative judgements on the relevance of qualitative and quantitative approaches to the investigation of research issues/questions.
  • Justify the appropriate uses of primary and secondary sources of data.

Subject/professional/practical skills

  • Critically appraise published research relating to their discipline area and its implications for policy and practice.
  • Critically appraise a selection of appropriate tools for data collections and analysis.
  • Demonstrate an ability to deal effectively with the ethical issues arising in the conduct of research.

Transferable skills

  • Demonstrate a reflective approach to research.
  • Demonstrate a critical insight into ethical issues, intellectual property rights and other legal considerations arising in the conduct of research.

Learning and Teaching

A variety of learning approaches will be used in conjunction with weekly face-to-face seminars and self-directed study.

You will require easy access to a computer and the internet for the duration of the module.


  • For the 15 credit level 7 (Masters level) module: a 3,000 word assignment.
  • For the 20 credit level 7 (Masters level) module: a 4,000 word assignment.


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