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The Living Well with Dementia post-diagnostic course: training the trainers.

Dementia is one of the most important issues in health and social care. Government policy across the UK emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis, but there is increasing concern at the lack of support that many people receive after diagnosis - something that has been described as the "post diagnostic cliff".

The "Living Well with Dementia" (or LivDem) post-diagnostic course is a structured way of providing support for people who have recently been diagnosed with dementia and their families. LivDem consists of a ten -week course for people with dementia that can be delivered by NHS staff or by people working for Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations.

Entry requirements

The course is suitable for NHS staff working at Band 5 and above (e.g. Nurses, Occupational Therapists and Psychology Assistants) in both secondary care services such as memory clinics and in Primary care Psychology services. It is also suitable for many staff working in the Voluntary Sector.

If you are unsure whether or not you would be suitable to attend then please contact Professor Richard Cheston (



This two-day training package will equip participants with the skills necessary to deliver the LivDem course. On the first day, participants will be introduced to the LivDem manual and learn how to deliver the content of the sessions; on the second day, we will introduce the leadership skills necessary for working with groups and outline the evolving evidence base.

The LivDem course is one of the few interventions that has been specifically designed to help people to adjust to their diagnosis of dementia. Sessions help people to think about the emotional impact of the diagnosis, to tell others about their diagnosis and to think about and to make plans for their future. The course is currently being used by NHS teams across the UK, and an initial randomized trial provided evidence that attending the course boosted self-esteem and helped people with dementia to think differently about their illness.

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