Study day Organoleptic Judge Course

Entry year
Course code
Professional/Short Course
School of Applied Sciences
Option of 2 or 5 days
Course Director
Dr Saliha Saad

Page last updated 12 October 2023


The aim of this two or five day course is for you to develop your sense of smell and use it as an important qualitative and quantitative approach to assessing odour, especially malodour.

If you are an academic, a doctor, a dentist, a dental hygienist, nurse or a technician, then this course is suitable for you.

You will be provided with handouts on the methods used in the course along with your score sheets from carrying out assessments.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate of competence and recognition that you have attended this event.



The two or five day course will involve a mixture of lecture and practicals conducted in the laboratory, as follows:


  • Background information on oral malodour and its aetiology
  • Organoleptic assessment of oral malodour
  • Instrumental analysis of oral malodour
  • How to conduct clinical trials (not covered on 2 day course)
  • How to continue training


  • Screening tests for anosmia (not covered on 2 day course)
  • Odour strength tests (in vitro)
  • Groups and types of malodour compounds: discrimination tests
  • Hedonic tests
  • Intensity tests (0 to 5 scale)
  • The OralChroma
  • The SIFT-MS
  • Tests on human volunteers (not covered on 2 day course)
  • Tooth brush impression of the tongue biofilm (not covered on 2 day course)
  • Discussion [throughout and for final session]
  • Data transformation and interpretation (not covered on 2 day course)
  • Health and safety issues for Breath Judges (not covered on 2 day course)
  • Continuation of training [self-training] (not covered on 2 day course)


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Prices and dates

Supplementary fee information

  • £1,500 (2 day course)
  • £2,500 (5 day course)


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