Professional/Short course Registered Nurse Verification of Expected Adult Death

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Page last updated 7 February 2022


The Registered Nurse Verification of Expected Adult Death online course provides the theory basis for the timely verification of death, a skill that makes such a difference to an immediately bereaved family. Verification of expected adult death is consistent with the principles of delivering personalised end of life care. It should be considered as contributing to the process of individualised care after death rather than a stand-alone skill.

Understanding and applying verification of expected adult death by nurses is an intervention identified within the standards of proficiency by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2018)..



This learning module will equip you with an understanding of death verification and its value in bringing comfort to immediately bereaved families.

On completion of this module, you can use your local competency framework/policy to formalise your use of verification of expected adult death in practice. If your organisation is not currently using a competency framework, the nationally approved competency framework from Hospice UK (2019a) can be accessed here.

Hospice UK (2019a) supports self-assessment of competency after training and/or the use of the simulated patient. The assumption is made that nurses completing this training are competent to assess circulatory, respiratory and cerebral function using a stethoscope and pen torch. If you require further training in these skills, please seek this in your local area before continuing this training.

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