Professional/Short course Specialist Health Protection Training Course

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Professional/Short Course
School of Health and Social Wellbeing
Four days
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Brodie Walker

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Page last updated 12 October 2023


The Specialist Health Protection Training online course is intended for those who are involved in the control of infectious, environmental and/or radiological hazards; this includes those working in health protection, public health, environmental health and infection control.

Delivered by health protection specialists, this four day course will also apply principles to real world scenarios, using practical examples and case studies.

It is a valuable introduction to those new to a health protection role or preparing to participate in out of hours on call rotas, such as Health Protection Nurses and Practitioners and Public Health Specialty Registrars. The course also contributes to the development of the health protection competencies required for the UK Public Health Register.

View the map of this course to the knowledge competences for specialist registration with the UKPHR (PDF).



Topics to be covered in this online course will include:

  • underlying principles used in the control of communicable diseases and environmental hazards
  • recognising and responding to health inequalities in health protection
  • principles of immunisation and surveillance;
  • introduction to emergency preparedness, resilience and response;
  • surveillance and epidemiology of infectious diseases and environmental exposures;
  • investigation and control of outbreaks of infectious disease and response to environmental incidents;
  • importance of risk communication.


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