Professional/Short course Introduction to Sleep Medicine

Entry year
Course code
Professional/Short Course
School of Applied Sciences
12 months
Hybrid (face-to-face and online)
Course Director
Dr Lizzie Hill

30 credit level 7 module

Page last updated 23 February 2024


This 30 credit level 7 module, Introduction to Sleep Medicine, provides the foundational knowledge and clinical skills required for the investigation of suspected sleep disorders.

By undertaking this module alongside Sleep Disorders (USSKJX-30-M), you will gain a holistic understanding of how to choose appropriate diagnostic investigations for patients based on their presenting signs and symptoms, interpret results and devise treatment and management plans based on the outcomes.

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • apply integrative knowledge of the process of clinical assessment and examinations of the respiratory, cardiovascular, ENT and dental systems and clinical history of the patient.
  • perform a range of diagnostic tests including blood gas analysis, and evaluate the results from these and other clinical assessments relevant to sleep disorders.
  • critically evaluate the results of clinical investigations with reference to national and international guidelines, and the management and treatment options for patients with sleep disorders, considering optimisation and effectiveness.
  • appraise the principles of inclusive, patient centred care, as applied to the practice of sleep medicine.
  • critically evaluate the legal and professional issues of advanced practice, including methods of assessing and assuring quality of practice.
  • develop skills in effective communication, patient-centred care and multi-disciplinary team working, in the context of sleep medicine.



The module syllabus typically includes the following topics:

  • Common respiratory and non-respiratory sleep disorders, and considerations when conducting clinical assessments. Including the pathophysiology of sleep disorders, signs and symptoms, risk factors that may need further investigation if suspected as an underlying cause, and factors that could influence the choice or outcome of a particular test.
  • How to perform a clinical history and how to conduct a clinical assessment and examination, in relation to sleep medicine.
  • Clinical investigations and subjective assessments for sleep disorders, including application, diagnostic criteria and interpretation of results, with reference to national and international guidelines.
  • The principles of patient-centred care, including confidentiality, informed consent, patient autonomy and decision-making, the social, psychological and emotional aspects, communication methods, and multi-disciplinary team working.
  • Awareness of physiological deterioration - how and when to refer to a senior emergency medical team.
  • Introduction to Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and vigilance critical occupation requirements.
  • Quality of practice, including personal and professional wellbeing, equality and diversity (equal access), audit principles and methods.

Learning and Teaching

The module will be delivered through a combination of online learning and teaching, and on-campus sessions. On-campus sessions will be taught over a series of block weeks and will include both theoretical and practical laboratory sessions.


Assessment for this level 7 (Masters level) module comprises two parts:

  • An Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).
  • A set exercise providing real-world scenarios that will enable you to investigate the sleep disorder in the patient, based on knowledge of the symptoms, and critical interpretation and evaluation of the clinical results.


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How to apply

Recruitment of students and provision of funding is managed by the National School of Health Care Science with NHS England, with details being provided to UWE Bristol subsequently in order to compete the admissions process. Once funding has been approved, students must apply for both modules - An Introduction to Sleep Medicine, and Sleep Disorders - using the links provided by UWE Bristol.

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